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     I am a full time Boston wedding photographer. A seasoned veteran with over 20 years experience in photography plus 18 years experience in video and film production in NYC as a freelance video cameraman and director of photography.
     I love shooting weddings. I work seamlessly with you capturing the moments of your Wedding Day with great compassion and lighting. 
     I believe in forging a genuine relationship with each wedding couple to create a unique and unforgettable experience.


Today everybody is a snapshot photographer. Snapshot photography is about family & friends, places & things. Which these days can be taken with our iPhones and posted immediately to social media platforms to be seen by your family & friends anywhere in the world at the speed of light. I grew up with film which got sent to Kodak for developing and printing. When the package arrived a few weeks later we eagerly looked at all the picture snapshots of ourselves and family & friends. When someone came to visit we would show them our snapshots. 


Wedding photography is like snapshot photography except it isn’t. Your still taking pictures of family & friends but with a special purpose for a very special event. A wedding. The coming together of two people and two families. To preserve these important moments with interesting and moving photography. Photographs that you want to look at over and over. Yes. Photography. A photographer works with a trained eye for composition and light. An understanding of photography itself. The difference between a snapshot photography and portrait photography is the intent. It is the intent of the photographer to portray something. Something moving. Something beautiful. Something colorful. Something meaningful. Something authentic. Something joyful. Something sad. Something to remember.
The wedding day is full of memorable moments to be captured.

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